To schedule a "New Job" for later.

Select "Schedule later" button under the close button at the top of the screen.
Type in the first few letters into the client ID and press enter, the "Client Finder" will appear and you can select the client you are looking for.
If it is new client, you can ADD the new client in through the Client Finder or you can do a client search by clicking on Client Searchat the bottom of the buttons on the right hand side of the screen.
Select "Job Type" and add "Order number" if required.
Using the same buttons you can select the "Client Address", New Job Details", "Last Job Details".
- This is where you add additional locations which may belong or be managed by your client.
Then select your "Reason" for call or type in a new one.(if you want to save the reason click the blue cross button).
Then Select "Break ups"(if turned on), "location" and "Priority". "Status" defaults to Not Sent. If you want to complete a purchase order immediately for this job then tick "Open purchase order on save".
If you know roughly when the job is going to occur you can tick the "Fixed Date / Time", select a date from the drop down calendar and add a start time.
Jobs scheduled for later will appear in "Job No." order at the bottom of the screen unless you have a scheduled date & time against the job, then those jobs will appear at the top of the list in Date/Time order.
For this example I have selected a date, a start time and a 2 hour duration.
Then select the amount of time the job may require. We recommend you choose a minimum of 1 hour for ease of viewing the jobs on the scheduler.
Then type your "schedule message", this will appear in the jobs list of the Mobile APP as a "RED" exclamation mark when the list is opened against this job number. (when the job is scheduled)
Add your "Internal Notes" or select the pre-loaded internals notes from the standard notes field by selecting the required number .

To add an existing job to the schedule later area.Right click on the scheduler and select the job you require from the "Job Finder" then add time of 1 hour and click Ok.Once the job appears on the scheduler simply "Click(&Hold)" and then drag over the "Schedule later" button and release.The job details screen will appear and you add your "Reason" for call, "Schedule Message" (if required) and at this point you can also change jobs by using the "Seach" key to bring the "Job Finder".As there has been no date allocated to this job it will appear at the bottom of the schedule later jobs list in Job number order.

Schedule later Jobs List

Print - 
Print a list of all outstanding jobs from the "To Schedule" area.

Check Maintenance Jobs - click and all maintenance jobs with designated time frame will be imported into the To schedule area. (No of Weeks - set up under Settings -  Global Settings - Switches)Filter - By Job No or ClientFilter by Job Type - Select either "Do & Charge", "Quote", "Maintenance" or "Client Jobs". (Client Jobs are auto-imported Jobs).Schedule - Add or Delete a schedule.Notes - Add notes at any time to jobs waiting to be scheduled.Internal Notes - Add or modify internal notes for this job.Attachments - Add PDF documents to be send with job, when job is returned all attachments are embedded into job report.External Notes - Add or Modify external notes for this job.Clients Notes -  Add or Modify clients notes for this client.Final Notes - When Mobile app returns a job incomplete it will automatically be added to the to be scheduled area with the final notes enabled.