Find - Job/Client Finder

This screen enables you to search for any job or client in your system by many search criteria.

Job#  - type in job number
Client - type in partial id of client name
Order# - Customer order number
Job Name - Type in partial id
Street - Job street name entered, type partial id.
Suburb - Job suburb entered here, type partial id
Status - 
There are 10 statuses to select from. (Refer Status definitions at the bottom of the page)
Location - Store location
Job Type - Do & Charge, Lumpsum, Maintenance, Warranty, Quote Only, Direct, Invoice, Estimate, Orders, Recurring, Variations, MobileJobs.
Break up - All set up by users
Break up 2 - All set up by users
Break up 3 - All set up by users

Either type into the field you want or use the drop down lists to select from, once selected/typed then click "enter". This will then take you the input Materials & labour screen for this job.

Add New Job (bottom of screen)

To Add a new job from this screen, then click the drop down arrow next to the "Add Job" button, select the job type required and click "Add Job"

Job Colours & Meanings
There are 10 colours which show you the status of any job, each status is used to identify where any job is in the workflow process. Each Job will have a colour attached as shown in the screenshot below.

Job Status - Colour's