Adding Attachments to Emails

It is now possible to add email attachments in two different ways "Fixed" and "Temporary" PDF's

Please Note! we only allow attaching PDFs,  not word docs or excel spreadsheets (these must be saved as PDFs before being added to the list) it isnt secure enough nowadays to add other attachments types to standard emails,  (your emails may well be rejected by certain recipients if you do add these to your emails).

The method of adding in fixed and temp attachments is slightly different so it is important that you understand both methods

This is only required if installed locally

Fixed PDF's 

Fixed PDF's are added to the specific template you are using,  ie invoice, statement quote etc, so the attachments are only displayed when that specific template is on screen

You will then need to select a template from the list and then click on edit to enable the right hand side buttons

Temporary PDF's

Essentially these are PDFs that you may or may not want to display in every email out,  so you can tick on as required

This will auto add into the one PDF all the ticked items required to be sent