Select Initiate, Cottage System, Rates Schedules.

If the screen shows an existing schedule, edit it to suit your own purposes.
If there is more than one schedule select the one you want to work on by clicking on the schedule number in the left hand grid. 
This will cause the right hand grid to display the items in that schedule.
Edit the schedule by clicking on the cell to be changed. Add and delete schedule items by clicking on the Add or Delete buttons on the bottom right.

Once you have set up one schedule you can use it to copy to a new schedule.
In the following exercise we will add a new schedule and copy an existing one to it to save a lot of typing

Click on Add (Bottom left). A line is added and the next available number is shown highlighted.

<Tab> to the Heading field and enter ‘Brick Veneer’

Click the Copy button, (bottom centre) and a enter ‘1’ in the Schedule Number to Copy From field.

Click on the Ok button. This brings up a pop up note " This procedure will copy the rates from schedule 001 to schedule 002. Proceed?" click on Yes to complete the process.

Now edit the schedule to make it suitable for a single level brick veneer house.

You can make as many schedules as you like to cater for the differences in the different types of work you do or to cater for the differences in prices for different builders. (You may have negotiated a rate for a single power point for builder B which is different to the rate for builder A.)

Note that the code field is descriptive only.  That is it serves no other purpose than to list the schedule in alphabetical order.  So make up codes to suit yourself, but it is a good idea to prefix like items with a similar letter.  For example you may want to keep lighting items grouped together.  In this case use a code that starts with ‘L’.