Details Screen

This screen is where all the initial information about the client & job are entered:

To add a new quote, click the Add button at the bottom of your screen and press enter 3 times, this will open  your client finder field where you select your client and click OK.

Quote No - Is automatically generated when you add a quote.

Open Date - Automatically selects today when a quote is added, however this can be overwritten.

Client - You can either type a partial id or just press enter to bring up your customer finder

Notes - This is where you enter all specific information relating to this particular job.

Job Name - Record customers name.

Job Address 1 & Job Address 2 - Record Job address details

Schedule - Relates to the schedule selected for this particular client (refer Rates Schedules for more information)

Job No - This is where the job number appears after the customer has accepted your quote. Highlight quote line then click on "Quote Accepted" in the bottom right corner of the screen.

At the bottom of your screen to the right of the help button, you have the ability to delete quotes by either selecting a date or selecting up to a quote No.