Setup - CostManager Cloud Client
(This is the Windows only client if you wish to use a mac please refer to these instructions)

We have simplified the setup for the Cloud CostManager Client follow the steps and you will be running in no time, but if you have any issues let us know and we will log in and correct

Download the base client from the attachment at  the foot of this solution

Run the file when downloaded (sometimes you may see a warning,  just allow to run regardless of the message

in Windows 10 a blue screen may show,  click on "More info" then click on "Run Anyway"

follow ALL the defaults, but remember to tick the "desktop shortcut"  checkbox

the app should be installed to the C:\Remote folder

Unfortunately with the different browsers and versions of Windows these instructions will vary slightly

PLEASE NOTE! The installed app will NOT run without a license file,  we will email your license file (called shortcut.cos) on request