Job Appointment Scheduler - Copy a schedule to another employee (2 or more employees attending the same job)

If you want to add the same schedule to another employee or move to another date.
Select right click on the job you would like to copy and select copy.

Then select the employee initials you want and the time you want them there, right click to paste.

Repeat this process until all employees have been scheduled.

Cut & Paste a schedule to another day (and another employee if required)

If we click on "Cut"  instead of copy we are essentially moving the schedule from "one time slot" to "another" or "to another employee".

To move to another date/time at the top of the screen select the date picker.

Select the date now again select the employee and the start time and right mouse click to paste.

In this case we have moved to the 10th March and assigned the same initials to complete the job