Background Colours

When you are looking at any of the jobs in CostManager, they will have coloured backgrounds. Each colour represents a different job status.

Viewed for first time - Pale Orange

This is colour when you enter a screen and this is the first time you have seen these jobs

Not Sent - White

Basic schedule state, hasn't been sent to the field or printed etc

Sent/Printed (Light Purple)

Has been sent to the field or printed / emailed / SMS (Usually an auto update)

Waiting on Customer (Light Yellow)

Manually update in Jobs/Clients

Weather Delay (Light Grey)

Manually update in Jobs/Client

Accepted (Purple)

If job sent to field device, when the user opens to start the job the status changes to this colour

if printed/emailed etc manual update

Waiting on Parts (Light Green)

Manually update in Jobs/Clients

Other (Pink)

Manually update in Jobs/Clients, any state not covered above.

Closed (Burnt Orange)

Job has been sent back from field device,  status changes auto to this colour (whether job completed or not)

(if not from field device then Manually update in Jobs/Clients)

Completed (Pale Salmon)

Job has been invoiced

Payment Received (Red)

Self explanatory